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Why do I need gutters?

At Tidewater Gutters, we always try to answer this question as simply as possible—to solve drainage issues in your Garner, NC home. A properly and professionally installed gutter system can help in reducing or eliminating the following issues caused by poor drainage:

  • Flooding in the basement caused by excess rain or early thaw.
  • Erosion of your landscape.
  • The build-up of moisture behind fascia boards and siding, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, or decay.
  • Wear and tear of decks, siding, garage doors, and window casings caused by the rainwater falling from the roof.
  • Lastly, a gutter system helps in directing melting ice and snow from dripping on your driveway.

Our Services:

Rain Guttering Systems

When working properly, your gutter system diverts rainwater away from your home. When your gutters are removed, damaged or obstructed, that water must go somewhere

Gutter Installation

we do install gutter guards to protect your gutters debris and snow blockage. Our gutter guard comprises of small holes and will give your gutters the ultimate protection from heavy snow loads and debris

Gutter Guard Installation

These guards are made out of quality material and will last several years before warranting replacement.

Gutter Repair

We are the best option for anyone who wants to hire a professional gutter repair company in the area

Seamless Gutter Installation

A typical residential installation is of 140 feet of seamless aluminum gutter with four downspouts and four corners

Gutter Cleaning Services

Wondering how to clean your gutters, or how often? Let us take care of the work for you, with professional certified gutter cleaning services near you

How many downspouts does my Garner home need?

Typically, most gutter installation professionals install a downspout after every 20 to 30 feet of gutters. However, your home might need more downspouts, depending on the slope of the roof, as well as the rooflines. In areas where it rains heavily, like North Carolina, your gutter installer will also determine the number of downspouts needed for optimal flow. Typically, a downspout should be installed at the end of every gutter run, or after 20 feet.

How does my gutter installation expert determine how to install gutters in my home?

Apart from the downspouts, two other factors greatly determine any successful gutter installation project—slope and support. The slop assists in directing rainwater to the downspouts. Typically, you require an average of ½ an inch of slope in every 10 feet of gutter. The type of gutter hangers, or gutter support needed, will greatly depend on the type of gutters installed. Besides, the design of your Garner NC, home, and the area where you live will determine how to face the gutter hangers should be spaced. If your home is an area where it snows heavily, the gutter support should be around 18 inches apart. However, if your area has little or no snow, the support should be around 36 inches apart.

How regularly should I clean my gutters?

Cleaning your gutters is an important task. Typically, this involves removing twigs and leaves out of the gutters. Failing to do so can lead to clogged gutters, which can cause roof damages, or cause water to leak into your home. Besides, such debris presents a big fire risk, especially during the dry season.

Thus, you should always clean your gutters at least two times a year—during the spring and fall seasons. However, you might need to do this more regularly if many trees surround your home or after a heavy storm. Generally, anyone can clean their gutters. However, you might need to seek professional assistance if your home has more than one story. The average cost of cleaning gutters and downspouts is around $145.

In case you realize that you clean your gutters more frequently, and wondering how to prevent that, consider investing in a gutter protection system. Today, there are different varieties of gutter guards that you can install over your gutters. Others have tubes inside them, and they help in preventing debris from settling inside the gutters. So, you should let one of our gutter installers evaluate your gutters and determine the best protection system needed.

Why do my gutters overflow when it rains?

The number one reason why your gutters are overflowing is that they are clogged. Yes, your gutters might not look clogged when you check them from the ground. However, most of our gutter installers have found that 99% of all overflowing gutter issues we are called to solve are caused by clogged gutters.

So, before conducting our office with the issue of overflowing gutters, check your gutters to make sure that they are not clogged. However, you should be careful to avoid falling and hurting yourself when doing so. If you see that your gutter is not clogged, but they are still overflowing, contact us for further inspections. But, you should note that we shall charge you for the services that our technicians provide.

How do I know that my gutters are not working?

It’s hard to notice this unless you see physical damages on your gutters. The best way to tell if your gutters are functioning properly is to have them inspected by a professional. You should do that once the gutters are cleaned. Generally, our professionals check the seams and downspouts for any signs of cracks or separation. Besides, they also check whether everything is in good order.

However, there’s another sign of malfunctioning gutters—peeling paint in your home. This can be a sign that your gutters are not working. This means you have drainage problems and rainwater is running down the back of the gutters into the exterior of your home. Probably, there’s a chance that your gutters are misaligned, worn out, or clogged.

What’s the average lifespan of gutters?

Typically, gutters can last for around 20 years, without warranting replacement. However, this depends on how you maintain your gutters. Copper gutters are the most durable, as they can last up to 50 years without needed replacement. However, you must make an upfront investment for copper gutters.

With that said, in case you see a few holes or cracks on your gutters, these might be minor damages and can be repaired with a sealant and flashing. But, if most of your gutters have holes and cracks, it’s time to get a new gutter system installed.

When should contact a gutter professional

Whenever you need gutter installation, inspection, or repairs, you should contact Tidewater Gutters for professional assistance. A gutter system that is not installed properly can lead to numerous problems like leaks, flooding, and foundation-related problems, all of which can cost you dearly in the long run. Therefore, it’s always advisable to let a professional inspect, repair, or install your gutters to avoid such problems.

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