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Are there important things that I should note when having my gutters installed?

During our gutter installation projects at Zebulon, NC, we have noticed that most homeowners are concerned with the cost of the gutter installation project. Because of this, they tend to look for new ways to reduce the costs of the gutter installation. This, however, makes most homeowners in the area to invest in a poor gutter system. Thus, we advise homeowners to invest in a gutter system that’s ideal for their home and check whether the gutter installation company offers a warranty. 

With that, let’s look at three major points to consider if you want to have a good gutter system installed in your home:

  1. Your gutter supports should be spaced at 2 feet apart.
  2. The backside of your gutters should be behind the flashing since this swill prevent water from leaking between the gutters and fascia boards. 
  3. Always request for oversized downspouts as this will reduce the chances of your gutters overflowing in case of a heavy downpour.

Those are the most important things to note during a gutter installation project. Surprisingly, most gutter installation companies don’t follow the first two standards.

Our Services:

Rain Guttering Systems

When working properly, your gutter system diverts rainwater away from your home. When your gutters are removed, damaged or obstructed, that water must go somewhere

Gutter Installation

we do install gutter guards to protect your gutters debris and snow blockage. Our gutter guard comprises of small holes and will give your gutters the ultimate protection from heavy snow loads and debris

Gutter Guard Installation

These guards are made out of quality material and will last several years before warranting replacement.

Gutter Repair

We are the best option for anyone who wants to hire a professional gutter repair company in the area

Seamless Gutter Installation

A typical residential installation is of 140 feet of seamless aluminum gutter with four downspouts and four corners

Gutter Cleaning Services

Wondering how to clean your gutters, or how often? Let us take care of the work for you, with professional certified gutter cleaning services near you

What upgrades of gutter features should I add to my gutter system?

One important thing that your gutter system should have is oversized downspouts—always consider this when having a new gutter system installed or repairing your existing system. On average, water weighs around 8 lbs. per gallon. That means your gutters handle a lot of water, even when they are clean. This is particularly true in North Carolina where heavy downpours are frequent. 

The additional water weight causes gutters to bend, sag, or start pulling away from the fascia boards. However, having oversized downspouts allows your gutters to drain faster, which reduces the chances of water overflows. 

But, we have seen most homeowners being concerned about having oversized downspouts, as they claim they are ugly. However, no one can notice this if a professional installs them. Typically, the normal downspout is 2 x 3 inches. Oversized downspouts, on the other hand, are 3 x 4 inches. So, these downspouts are an inch wider than normal downspouts. However, when you do the math, you realize that you have double square inches of the outlet, and that will make your gutter system more efficient.

Galvanized or aluminum—which option works best for my Zebulon home?

Today, galvanized gutters are rarely used, even though they are made of a malleable material, which makes their installation effortless. The main downside of galvanized gutters is that they are more susceptible to corrosion and decay. On the other hand, aluminum gutters have become very common today. Besides, we also advise most homeowners in Zebulon, North Carolina to consider this option during their gutter installation project. Aluminum gutters are strong, durable, and non-corrosive. Besides, aluminum is the ideal material for seamless gutters—meaning we can make them on-site when you hire us to install your gutters.

How regularly should I clean my gutters?

Most homeowners in Zebulon, North Carolina, ask us this question all time. However, we don’t have a definite answer to this, since various factors determine how frequently you should clean your gutters. First, if many trees surround our home, you will need to clean your gutters frequently to remove any leaves and debris in your gutters, and vice versa. With that, you should always plan to clean your gutters when you notice there is debris. However, you should hire a professional to clean your gutter system at least once a year, since professionals normally check for additional issues, such as loose gutters or leaking corners.

What’s the best gutter style for my Zebulon home?

Although we have different gutter styles, we normally provide a few of these options for two reasons: durability and quality. Besides, when you visit us for consultation, we shall discuss these options with you, and highlight their benefits and downsides. This will help you to make an informed decision. The following are the gutter options that we provide here at Tidewater Gutters:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters – one piece
  • Seamless gutters, half-round, 6-inches (copper or aluminum)
  • Traditional seamless gutters (copper or aluminum)
  • Seamless standard gutters (5 or 6 inches) copper or aluminum

Besides, we do provide other extras, like gutter guards, helmets, and a variety of flashing attachments. However, you should note that these add-ons provide a short-term solution. Besides, fixing them can render your roof warranty void, as they can tamper with the roofing shingles and decking.

What gutter size do you offer?

Generally, we provide 5-inch gutters, since that’s the standard size for most homes. However, we’ve seen some homeowners in Zebulon requesting 6-inch gutters since they can greatly improve the performance of your gutter system. Further, these gutters don’t cost a lot of money and will reduce any chances of gutter overflows. 

If you have a modern home, particularly one with an expansive steep roof, you should consider having 6-inch gutters. Such gutters can handle an extra 40% of rainwater, thus improving the efficiency of your gutter system.  Besides, there are certain scenarios where 7-inch gutters are the ideal solution. But, this is an exception for certain homes, with unique designs.

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