Arvada CO Downtown, otherwise called Olde Town Arvada, is a 15.1 sections of land (6.1 ha) historically significant area in Arvada CO, Colorado limited by Ralston Road, Teller Road, Grandview Avenue and Yukon Street. It was recorded on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. The posting included 42 contributing buildings.

Its 1998 NRHP selection expressed:

The area is portrayed by an assortment of building types, including probably the main noteworthy habitations in the city, the biggest centralization of notable business structures in the city, the most seasoned Grange corridor in the state, one of only a handful hardly any notable modern offices set up in Arvada CO, and three generous notable places of worship. Huge numbers of the structures inside the area were intended to satisfy more than onex capacity, for example, business blocks which had business space on the ground floor and living quarters or network corridors on the upper floor. This blend of building capacities inside the midtown territory embodied Arvada’s initial history. Variety of capacity prompted the assortment of development materials, styles, finishing, and difficulties inside the district.

It incorporates:

A.L. Davis Block building (1916), at 5600 Wadsworth Boulevard, a carport and Dodge and Chevrolet vendor, worked of red block, later extended to ingest the 1882 school fabricating that was to its north

First National Bank of Arvada (1903), at 7530 Grandview Avenue


It is home to numerous nearby eateries, distilleries, bars, and shops. The RTD suburbanite rail G-Line has a stop in Olde Town.

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